The life of...

The life of...

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just got my film fisheye lens in the mail. its sooo cutee! and small and light! haaha and it came in a super cute box.


Today kaz had to do a review on a colored wax called waxy wax! Honestly, the wax sucked. It gave everyone rash so we had to do a bad review :( but it was still fun! surfing all day with my friends!


Saturday 30 - Mahina slept over my house and we watched a scary movie called Deadline. It was kinda cheesy but there were some scary parts. Mahina was freaking out! hahaha it was funny watching her. Then we totally crashed after that cause were so tired.


Saturday 30th - we went to ehukai in the morning and it was pretty clean but closing out so we decided to go to rocky lefts and it was crappy there too and i got really worked! then we went back to mahinas and ate lunch and we were going to go to cammy land cause it looked fun earlier but then by the time we looked at it again it was crappyy!! so we went to ehukai and it was even worse but we walked all the way over there so we werent gonna walk back. Then we ended up running into kaz, john, dayton, sister, aleesha, and zeke. Then it started pouring down rain!! Finally when we were all freezing and soaked the rain stopped. How delightful.

Mahinas house!

On friday i slept over mahinas and the next day we went surfing (saturday the 30th) It was kinda cold that day so i borrowed a spring suit from mahina then we noticed that we were matching! wow!!

Furlough friday!!

On friday the 29th i met up with kaz and mahina at kaz's house. We waited for kaz to finish up some work then we went to go get something to eat. When we were at a place in manoa we ran into a huge group of volleyball players that were going to play that night at UH. Greatt now i REALLY look like 3'4!!


On thursday the 28th i went to watch the movie legion with my friends. It was really good and i had lots of fun! Highly recommended!

Surfing at rockpiles!

On wednesday the 27th after school we went to surf. Surprisingly there was waves in town and it was really clean too! We went to rockpiles thats by bowls and kaisers. We called up kaz and had him take a break from work and he came out to rockpiles with us!

Career Day!

Sorry i never updated my blog til today but, wednesday the 27th. the careers i chose were ocean safety and food service. Those two were pretty fun cause in ocean safety i saw my jr. lifeguard teacher and in food service i got 2 coupons for one free small fries. Then at the end Jake Shimabukuro came and played for us! At lunch there were so many kids that were swarmed around and wanting an autograph but i think most of these kids didnt even know who he was haha but i just wanted a picture so i could post it on my blog! so here are the pics :

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Novus Swell

Oh yeah dont forget to watch the new webisode from Novus Swell!
Its about bets! Theres a new episode every tuesday so keep on watching them!
Also Check out the website at


Omg i have this science project thats like 10,0000 pages long and its really really hard. Its about tracking clouds on we really need to know about that....

Monday, January 25, 2010


I love earrings! Here are some earrings that i made! i didnt make the hoops but i made the rest


This weekend was really fun! Me and jenna went up to north shore for Jenna's sister's birthday. Shes 15 now! We went to pupukea and there was the coolest sandbar!

Then we met up with bailey! We went over to ehukai to shower then we saw Kaz and Mahina! So we decided to hang out with them at ehukai and to swim around. Then we met Dayton, John, Sayuri, Josh, and seth.

Haha i was getting some pounders

Then dayton tried to flip me in the air...can you say FAIL?

After that we spent the night at bailey's and had loads of fun.
The next day we hung out with Seth, Josh, Gen, and Mahina at Vland! Super funn

Then we went to mahinas, had a little snack, and played ping pong!

I cant wait to have another fun weekend!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tree house!

While all the adults were down eating and drinking we were all in the tree house playing games. Ohh fun!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pizza party!

We all came over to the mizunos house to watch some movies, play ping
pong and eat pizza!!! We were all surfing kewalos and it was really
fun. Though before we got here uncle jakes car had some difficultys so
it had to get towed. Wel we're here now!


Kaz took us surfing today. We checked out diamnond head and then we
went to check out kewalos but then there was choke traffic!! So I went
out of the car and started running around. Haha pretty fun. You should
try it sometime

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Okay so today i went to surf at haleiwa for the audition, the waves were kinda junk but i got a couple fun ones. I saw my lover bailey up there! Jenna was there too. haha everyone was surfing really good. Also I saw Kaili Rodman. She was looking for shells. I really wanted to join her but i had to leave ): Maybe next timee

School ended early...for me!

I'm on my way up to north shore right now! Going to meet the director
for the movie that Disney is making called "soul surfer" about Bethany
Hamilton. I got to leave school early! I'm also going up to surf

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner time!

Yumm yummm. Yet again my dad makes a delicious dinner! Steak w/ onions and rice!

Jackson Chamleon!

Heidi and jack are having a stare off!

Study session at royce's house

Me, Heidi, and Royce were thinking about going surfing But it got really cold and it started to rain so we decided to Just do homework. Fun....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Kitty Pankcakes!

Okay so these pankcakes are really really cool! Their from japan (japan has so much cool stuff) and you just get some milk and mix it with the pankcake mix they give you then put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then when you take it out and empty it out on a plate it turns out to be a pancake in the shape of hello kitty!! they have different flavors like strawberry or chocolate! yumm yummmmmm

My First day!

Heyy. My name is Joy. Todays my first day with my blog! I love to surf and to hang out with friends....thats pretty much it!