The life of...

The life of...

Friday, April 30, 2010


Wow, okay so every monday and thursday i go to capueira now. Its a brazilian form of martial arts, its really fun! But i also take jazz and hip hop classes on thursday. Soooo yesterday i did hip hop classes then i did my jazz class then i surfed for about 40 min or so then i went to capueira. And noww i feel so soarrrr......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foreverrr, but im backk!

wooowww its been forever since ive made a postt!!

So im getting back into the game..
This past weekend was the Jedidiah Surf contest at queens contest.
It was really fun because there was more waves this year then there was last year. Usually they have it on mothers day but this year was different. But it turned out for the best. You can watch the episode at ---> <----

I had entered for longboarding and got 2nd in my first heat with--
Honolua Bloomfield coming in 1st place,
Tia Blanco coming in 3rd place,
Bailey Nagy coming in 4th place,
Jenna Forti coming in 5th place,
and Amber Au coming in 6th place.

Then in my repos i came in 3rd place with ..... i dont remember, haha

Then my Finals i cam in 5th ): though i was told i did awesome and people were expecting me to come in either 2nd or 3rd place i had --

1st place Vanina Walsh
2nd place Kui Adric
3rd place Tia Blanco
4th place Ariel ?
5th place Joy Haynes
6th place Honolua Bloomfield.